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Latest Release Uploaded on Sunday, 2 November 2008 - Version 0.9.6 - Some fixes to the PSE 6 support done by winful.

Project Description

The story goes like this, we use Gallery for our family photo album. My wife does most of the picture uploading and really liked using GalleryRemote Then I had to go and update our home computer to 64 bit Vista Ultimate. GalleryRemote did not get along very well with Vista. Perhaps it was simply user error, but after spending hours I just could not get GalleryRemote to work reliably on Vista.

The search was on for an alternative. In the meantime, I uploaded pictures directly using the online tools. This works great, but it just does not have that "fat client" feel that we had gotten used to. Nothing else seemed to fit the bill.

So, Pix2Gallery2 was then born. I had tried briefly about a year ago to write a similar client for Windows Mobile, so I started from there.

Pix2Gallery2 is simply a .NET 2.0 version of GalleryRemote written in C#. I borrowed heavily from the existing GalleryRemote UI, which is likely obvious for anyone who uses GalleryRemote today. I developed and tested this on 64 bit Vista, but it should work fine on 32 bit Vista as well as the 32 and 64 bit flavors of Windows XP. I only tested this against Gallery 2.2.1, although it should work fine against just about any version of Gallery 2. It will not work against Gallery 1.x.

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