Revive - update project? Also some minor tweaks & bugs...

Sep 15 at 1:32 AM
Edited Sep 15 at 1:36 AM
Hello there and thank you for the great work!

I started work on a mini-update for the project, and mainly some interface enhancements. I have some questions, due to the issues I face.. I participate on a university student team/association so there is an active interest regarding this handy utility among colleagues!

The scenario: We stil work on G.2 and try to make this utility as a handy application for fellow-colleagues, not very tech-savvy, to let them directly upload to Gallery 2 albums.

Some notes:

Built for newer versions of Windows (Win 7, Win 8.1, Win 10)

I successfully tried to built a slightly tweaked version (some screens below), working on Visual Studio Community. But, still face some crashes when trying to login, specifically something like "CLR20r3" and "System.ArgumentNullException". Can we re-build it using more stable, latest .NET or other kind of environment? I was hoping that if I re-build it in a newer system would be ok, but didn't went as smooth as I hoped...

Ability to remove "Adove Elements" feature or enhance the basic functionality. (users just login and start uploading photos)

Possible expanding on image files, supporting more formats, such as PNG. (not necessary in using exif module or resize module, in our case we leave for Gallery engine to do that work). Maybe make it a "addon" or opt-in / opt-out feature on the installation procedure?

Possible ability it a portable app (for easy redistribution among colleagues). Or it breaks the license?

Volunteer to write some documentation or image/video tutorials. (I can also be of help here).

Migrate the codebase / transfer it e.g. on GitHub? As CodePlex is closing its doors, this has to be somehow saved/archived! (I volunteer to take care of the repo if everyone agrees with that, although I am not a very experienced user, please be gentle with me on that!)

Translations/Localization. Pretty much, with expandable code. :)

Please let me know if I can be of any help! Would be glad to hear from you! :)
-- John